About Fowlmere Parish Council

What is a Parish Council?

The Parish Council is the tier of local government which is closest to the people. It represents the concerns of the local community and is an elected body, comprising people from the locality who represent the interests of the parish community. Scroll down the page to learn about our Parish Councillors and Parish Clerk.

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Transport for New Homes

Please see report and the appendices regarding transport and planning.

Transport for New Homes

Please see report and the appendices regarding transport and planning.

Transport for New Homes

Please see report and the appendices regarding transport and planning.




Parish Councillor

James Hobro

James has lived in Fowlmere for 12 years with his wife and two children, both of whom attended the village school. As a parent volunteer he founded and ran the school Code Club. He directs The Ad Hoc Singers, which gives regular fundraising concerts for local charities including the Friends of St Mary's. He is particularly interested in improving local public transport and cycling facilities. He is a Principal Research Scientist at Schlumberger Cambridge Research.

Parish Councillor

Chris Howe

Chris Howe has lived in Fowlmere for over 20 years and is a founder member of the Friends of St Mary's Church. He is a Professor of Biochemistry at Cambridge University.

Finance Committee Chairman

Planning Committee Chairman

Peter Burge

Peter has lived in Fowlmere for six years. He works as the Operations Director of an independent not-for-profit research institute and his children attend the village playgroup and school.

Peter J Collinson

Tree Officer &

Parish Councillor

Peter Collinson

Peter moved to Fowlmere in 2016 to be closer to his position as an IT Consultant at Christ's College Cambridge & was warmly accepted by the community. Joining the FPC was an ideal way to repay the people who have been so welcoming to him.

PARISH COUNCIL PHOTO - Ros Lennon edit.j

Parish Councillor

Ros Lennon

Ros is a relative newcomer to the village, having moved to Appleacre Park in May 2018 with her husband and much-loved springer spaniel. Having run her own business for the last 30 years, Ros knows the importance of teamwork.  Her passion is organising events that involve the community, and she is hoping to make a positive impact on the Parish Council and within the community.

Parish Council Chairman

Lawrence Wragg

Lawrence has lived in Fowlmere for over 20 years. He is retired from the City, but is active in a number of charities. He was previously Vice-Chairman of Ickleton Parish Council and Chairman of the Governors of Duxford School. He has grown-up children and four grandchildren.


Planning Committee Vice-Chairman

Burial Board Vice-Chairman Deborah Roberts

Having lived in Fowlmere for 30 years, Deborah has been a member of the Parish Council for 25 years and is District Councillor for Foxton & Fowlmere (Independent). She is a long term member of Fowlmere's British Legion collection team and has served as a Governor for Fowlmere Primary School, Village Hall Committee Chair and Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

Parish Council Vice-Chairman

Burial Board Chairman

Steve Mulholland

Steve has lived in the village for ten years. Steve and his wife Angela had three children - Paul, Eilish and Aidan - however, Eilish sadly passed away in 2014. Steve's particular interest is in maintaining and improving the Cemetery and open park areas. He would love to hear from parishioners. In his spare time Steve runs marathons for fun.

Photo_KB .2.jpg

Parish Clerk - Kerry Byrne

Kerry has lived in Fowlmere since moving from Derbyshire with her family in 2014. She and her partner Ray have two children who attend local schools. Kerry became Clerk to Fowlmere Parish Council in April 2018.

What is the role of a Parish Clerk? To carry out the council's policy decisions; to manage and record the council's financial transactions; to undertake clerical and secretarial work for the council; to act as chief administrative officer, helping the council run smoothly and in accordance with the law; and to stay up to date with new legislation, in order to guide and advise on matters of law and procedure. The Parish Clerk may be the sole employee of a council.

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