ON TUESDAY, 16th October 2007 AT 7.30 PM

PRESENT: Cllr M Bates (Chairman)

Cllr D Woods

Cllr D Roberts

Cllr P Flynn

Cllr W Kohler

Cllr P Mullock

Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)

IN ATTENDANCE: One resident



APOLOGIES – Apologies were received from Cllr Tim Stone and Cllr Barrie Hawkins.



DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - There were no declarations of interest in agenda items



MINUTES OF MEETING OF 18th September 2007 - were agreed and signed as a true record





There were no matters arising – all matters to be discussed are listed on the agenda.





Cllr T Stone had sent the following report:

Law and Order

The annual Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership meeting will be taking place at Marshalls Airport on Tuesday 25th September. I should be interested to know if anyone from the Parish Council will be going.

Highways information evening

I have been complaining for years that we are getting too little information about highways matters which affect us all. The County has now responded with the proposal to hold information evenings rather like the Police ones.

The first meeting in the Duxford County Division is to be held on Tuesday 2nd October at 7.30 p.m. in Whittlesford Memorial Hall.

The County is to be represented by at least Richard Preston, Head of Network Management, South and City and Mike Cooper, our Highways Supervisor. Mick Oakman, Area Manager, Maintenance, South and City should also be there.

The event has proved to be very popular and the number of people attending is likely to be too great to fit them all into the Whittlesford depot, hence the move to Whittlesford Memorial Hall.

Congestion Charging

You will have seen discussion in the press about the potential for Congestion Charging in Cambridge. In many ways this forms part of a strategy to unlock £500million in government Transport Innovation Fund money. The council has changed its mind on access control to Cambridge and is now looking seriously at some kind of scheme because the rules of TIF funding make it mandatory.

As yet it is far too early to comment on what might happen and what will be the form of the County's bid. In fact we are finding it very difficult to discover what sort of options are being suggested, which is particularly frustrating in an initiative of this importance. Whatever the outcome it is essential that greatly improved public transport should be put in place before any scheme comes into force so that people prefer to use public transport rather than their own cars.

There is already manoeuvring around how to spend the income from the congestion charge. Many County Councillors would love to have spare cash to spend in their Divisions. But rather than allow such an unholy scrum to develop I believe that the congestion charge should be set no higher than is necessary to change people's habits and if there is a surplus then that should be spent primarily on improving more environmentally sound transport links in and around Cambridge. There should be no question of congestion charging being seen as a stealth tax.



Imperial War Museum Conservation Area

The District Council has rejected most of the recommendations of people and institutions (including the County Council) who commented on their proposal to create a Conservation Area around a large part of the museum and adjacent areas. The consultees were not informed of the District Council's conclusions. I spoke to South Cambs Conservation Officer today and went to see the Director of the IWM Duxford. The latest position is that the boundaries of the Conservation Area are now fixed, without the land to the East of the M11. However the background document is still unsatisfactory and Richard Ashton will be going to talk to the District Council to try and loosen some of the unhelpful prescriptions in the document before it is submitted to the District Council's Cabinet and effectively becomes a governing document.

I have also been busy with the parade ground issue. The IWM is to submit an amended proposal for the storage of cars limited to two years. Indications are that the officers are likely to recommend approval.

London Road resurfacing

I have had complaints at the amount of litter left by contractors, much of which has been tidies up by Pat Rowley. County Highways have asked W.S.Atkins to make sure they tidy up after themselves.

Jacksons Way

Mr Davis of Jacksons Way has asked for the road to be re-surfaced. I have inspected the area and Mr Davis is quite right that the upper part is in poor condition. Highways tell me that this is probably not a big enough job to have to await a budget as a full road scheme and they will do what they can to make a permanent repair as soon as possible.







A letter had been formally sent to Mr Lucas requested the return of relevant papers. Cllr Bates will make a personal visit.

An invoice has been received from BC Group Trust for travel and equipment hire which will be discussed at the Finance meeting.


Cllr Bates

Finance meeting


A letter had been formally sent to Mr Lucas requested the return of relevant papers. Cllr Bates will make a personal visit.

An invoice has been received from BC Group Trust for travel and equipment hire.


Cllr Bates




Cllr Flynn had been advised that the local Post Office will not know until April/June 2008 about closures. The PC will support the continued opening of the Post Office as and when an opportunity arises.

Cllr Roberts advised that SCDC, Scrutiny Committee, has been working on this issue and are visiting certain villages. Cllr Roberts suggested a letter be sent to this Committee requesting representation on behalf of Fowlmere. Cllr Roberts will email Councillors when the exact date is known.





Cllr Roberts




Councillors recommended that Mr Eades and Mrs Cook be invited to join the Council. The meeting agreed unanimously. Their first meeting will be 20 November.





Cllr Roberts advised that a Certificate of Lawfulness has been granted with regard to Lanacre. Paul Sexton of SCDC advised that legal advice had been taken and a refusal was not possible as the existing building is classed as being for agricultural use. Should it become apparent in the future that the building is being used for anything other than agricultural purposes, SCDC will take appropriate steps to correct this.





Painting has been finished.

Cllr Woods advised that the bier, lectern and benches are in the shed during the chapel renovation. Les Thurley has offered to renovate the bier which is riddled with worm. Cllr Woods will check on the situation regarding this.

Cllr Roberts will speak to SCDC Conservation Officers regarding a possible grant for restoration.


Cllr Woods

Cllr Roberts




Telephone Box

Cllr Kohler advised that the tree near the telephone box is in the process of being trimmed.


Small trees at the front have been trimmed and the Church committee has been advised that these should be trimmed every two years if necessary.

Other trees will be considered once the responsibility question has been resolved.

Round Moat

Two dead trees will be made safe.

The Green

Fence has been erected round the overhanging tree. A letter will be sent to owners advising the tree is dangerous. Chris Wall has provided a quotation.

End of Jackson’s Way

There are some dead Elms. Chris Wall has provided a quotation.

Rear of Jackson’s Way

Chris Wall has provided a quotation.

Sycamore next to Sexton Cottage

This is not a problem at present.

24 Lynch Lane

Chris Wall has provided a quotation.

Electricity Sub-Station, Ryecroft Lane

This is in hand.














The meeting was opened to the public


Chris Wall advised that Christmas trees have been grown at Lanacre for about 10 years but this is not a viable business and trees were planted by previous owner.

CW advised that there are two diseased Chestnut trees at The Butts. It is not known if these trees will die or will recover.

Cllr Roberts commented that SCDC is advising that leaves from diseased Chestnut trees should be burnt.

CW advised that one disease is a moth problem and the other is a canker. CW will look into the matter regarding moth grubs.

The meeting requested a quotation to remove and burn the affected leaves.



Meeting was closed to the public





Cllr Roberts advised that SCDC has a new winter grant for hedges. This is for the provision of a hedge and not associated work.

The meeting agreed to hold a separate Finance meeting on 22nd October.

Grass cutting tenders should be requested for 2008. Cllr Woods will send these out.





Cllr Woods


Cheques signed at the current meeting

Organic Building Company Work at Chapel £6221.62

Care for Trees Village work £1762.50

Mrs J Fletcher Sept salary £ 395.04

Hardy Landscapes Sept grass cutting £ 675.62

Payments to the PC during the month

SCDC Historical Building Grant £1297.00

R Skeates Burial Plot £ 95.00

Ivett & Reed Memorial £ 36.00






Times for Remembrance Day services had been received – a notice will be posed.





Fire Engine Shed

WK advised that trees can be trimmed to provide visibility for a CCTV camera.


Cllr Woods felt that a meeting in December was necessary – all agreed that this meeting will go ahead as scheduled.




Remembrance Day Sunday, 11 November 2007

PC Meeting Tuesday, 20 November 2007

PC Meeting Tuesday, 18 December 2007



The meeting closed at 8.25 pm



Clerk to the Parish Council: Julie Fletcher, 21 Ryecroft Lane, Fowlmere, SG8 7TT