ON TUESDAY, 19 JUNE 2007 AT 7.30 PM

PRESENT: Cllr M Bates (Chairman)

Cllr B Hawkins

Cllr P Flynn

Cllr W Kohler

Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)


Two Residents



APOLOGIES – Apologies were received from Cllr D Woods and Cllr P Mullock



DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - There were no declarations of interest in agenda items





Cemetery Chapel

Cllr Bates will try and locate the bell rope. Cllr Roberts suggested that if this cannot be found the PC should purchase a good quality rope. The meeting agreed with this suggestion.

Fire Engine Shed

  • Painting has been completed.
  • Letter has been received commenting on the bag of sand that has been outside the shed for a number of years.
  • Cllr Hawkins advised that the company in the first unit outside the Butts will organise the placement of a CCTV camera – PC to purchase the actual camera. This matter will be discussed at the 3rd July Finance meeting and if a decision is made to go ahead Chris Wall will be asked to ensure the branches of the trees do not obscure the camera.











Finance Mtg




Cllr Bates explained to the meeting the historical connection between Mr Geoffrey Blackford from BC Group Trust and the Round Moat. Mr Blackford attended the meeting in order to advise on what should and what could be done to make the Road Moat more accessible and return the area as near as possible to the original without removing the more important trees.

Mr Blackford explained that the area should be looked at from archaeological and wildlife viewpoints.

The following are the main points of the presentation:

  • Most trees are self-sets and should not be in the area
  • The centre clearing should be twice the size as at present which would increase bird life
  • The Trust would like to put up bat boxes
  • Nest boxes need to be replaced as a large number have been stolen.
  • Removal of trees should be phased to avoid the need for a license
  • Removed trees could be sold as fire wood
  • SCDC Archaeological Department would like to use the area for education purposes but at present the centre is too small.

Cllr Roberts suggested that any witch elm saplings should be removed and planted elsewhere in the village.

Cllr Roberts asked if the moat could be de-silted to ensure a flow of water. Mr Blackford advised that permission from English Heritage would be required.

Cllr Bates suggested this matter be discussed at the 3rd July Finance meeting as dead trees would have to be removed on health and safety grounds.























Finance Mtg




The following report was provided by Cllr Tim Stone

Pavement, Jackson's Way

Mike Cooper, the local Highways Supervisor, has had a number of conversations with the resident at No 1 Jacksons Way about this footway. It's not a County Council footpath and it is believed to believe it belong to SCDC. Getting them to admit to ownership is another matter however. Apparently this has been brought up by the Parish Council in the past and I would suggest that your District Councillor might be able to help.

I would just mention that Duxford has a similar problem where the District Council admits liability but action takes forever.

Flint Cross hedge

The hedge at Flint Cross has now been dealt with. Highways confirm that the hedge probably belongs to the person who lives in the very well hidden house near the corner.

Travel Behaviour Survey

The County, through a company called BMG Research, will shortly be carrying out a survey on people's attitudes to transport and their travel behaviour. 3000 households will be selected at random. A letter will be sent to people selected and that will be followed by a visit. There is ample provision to opt out and the company is aiming to get 1000 surveys completed.

As is usual in these cases there will be no general publicity in case criminals try to use this as an opportunity to get into people's houses. But at least you are aware should any parishioner receive a request.

Mobile Library

You should by now have received details of proposed Mobile Library services. This results from the withdrawal of two mobile libraries from the County's fleet. Please let me know if you have not received this information or would like any help.

Street light outside the Old Manor House

I have tried to contact the appropriate person dealing with the matter, as brought up in May. He is currently out of the office, so I shall have to report back next month.


Matters discussed following Cllr Stone’s Report

Cllr Roberts will raise the matter of the Jackson’s Way path with SCDC.

Grass Cutting

Cllr Roberts asked for the timetable when CCC cut Fowlmere grass.

The Clerk reported on a meeting with Mike Cooper of Highways Department who had advised that CCC do not physically cut any grass, this is all done by the PC’s contractor. As a guide, Mike Cooper stated that CCC’s responsibility for Fowlmere grass cutting is inside the 30 mph signs. The areas no longer being cut by SCDC will be taken on by CCC and the cost of cutting added to the contribution already given to the PC. One area of shrubbery that SCDC will no longer maintain will not be taken over by CCC.

Outside the 30 mph signs CCC carry out grass cutting of cross-road visibility areas as necessary, all other areas are dealt with according to their normal schedule.

Cllr Bates suggested a meeting with Hardy Landscapes to point out all areas to be cut.

Mill Lane

It was pointed out that one ‘Passing’ sign was missing. The meeting requested that Highways also look at the number of posts that have been placed on the dangerous corner and reassess this bend.


Cllr Roberts
















Cllr Stone






PRESENT: Cllr D Roberts, Cllr P Flynn, Cllr D Woods, Cllr M Bates

APOLOGIES: Apologies received from Cllr W Kohler

1. Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Following the recent elections, Cllr Roberts signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the Proper Officer.

2. Election of Chairman of Planning Committee:

Nominations were invited for the post of Chairman of the Planning Committee
Cllr Roberts was nominated by Cllr Woods, seconded by Cllr Flynn and elected unanimously to post of Chairman.

3. Election of Vice Chairman

Cllr Flynn was nominated by Cllr Bates, seconded by Cllr Roberts and elected unanimously to the post of Vice Chairman.

The meeting continued under the chairmanship of Cllr Roberts

4. Declaration of interest (if any)

Before discussion Cllr Roberts declared that if an application is later placed before South Cambridgeshire District Council she will approach any new information afresh.

5. S/0783/07/FInstallation of dormer windows to provide living accommodation of first floor and extension – 3 Chapel Lane, Mr A Keppey

The meeting had no objection to this application as the proposed alteration will match the neighbouring property.

6. S/0784/07/F – 2-storey extension following demolition of existing garage – Laurelhurst, High Street – Dr & Mrs RD Gregory

The meeting had no objection to this application as the proposed alterations will be an improvement to the site which is in a conservation area.

7. Extension, Appleacre Cottage, London Road – Mr & Mrs RJ Jackson

The meeting had no objection to this application as there are no immediate neighbouring properties and there is ample space on the site to accommodate the proposed extension.

8. & 9. S/0823/07/F – Single-storey link garage conversion to residential with extension – 4 Perks Close, Chapel Lane – Miss K Mackenzie

S/0824/07/LB – Internal and external alterations including removal of partition in kitchen and installation of partitions at first floor to create en-suite bathroom, conversion of part of existing bathroom to shower room, partial blocking of doorway in study and reinstatement of door opening on front elevation. Demolition of garage and replacement with weatherboard and pantiled extension comprising study, WC, sitting room, 2 bedrooms and bathroom with glass link and attached steps and walls – 4 Perks Close, Chapel Lane – Miss K Mackenzie

Both applications were discussed and the following recommendation applies to both.

The meeting strongly objected to this application due to overdevelopment of the site and incompatibility with the present property. The proposed extension is almost double in size to the present building, out of keeping with a very important listed building and unsympathetic. The meeting was especially concerned at the two-storey element of this proposal.

The meeting mentioned that there are other listed buildings in the village where very small extensions have been refused.

The meeting agreed to recommend that both applications be refused.


The Swan

Cllr Roberts advised that photographs showing dangerous parking had been put before SCDC. The Planning Officer had been in touch with Mr Rahman about the parking and had also mentioned the flashing sign.

Smells from the extractor system are continuing but to remedy this Mr Rahman will have to submit a planning application for the work due to the building being a listed building.

The meeting closed at 7.55 pm




PRESENT: Cllr D Roberts, Cllr P Flynn, Cllr D Woods, Cllr M Bates

APOLOGIES: Apologies received from Cllr W Kohler

1. Declaration of interest (if any)

Before discussion Cllr Roberts declared that if an application is later placed before South Cambridgeshire District Council she will approach any new information afresh.

Cllr Roberts declared an interest in item 3.

2. S/0910/07/FPergola, Queens Head, Long Lane – Greene King Pub Partners

The meeting had no objection to this application as the proposed pergola will not detract from this listed building.

3. S/0934/07/PNA – Agricultural Building, Land at Long Lane – A Deans

Having declared an interest in this application, Cllr Roberts left the room and took no part in the discussion.

The meeting had no objection to this application as the proposed structure is a long way from the road, behind existing buildings and a significant distance from any neighbouring property.

Cllr Roberts rejoined the meeting at this point.

4. S/0982/07/F – Extensions, 17 Dovehouse Close – Mr & Mrs Walker

The meeting had no objection to this application as the proposed extensions will not affect neighbouring properties and will blend well with the existing building.


Cassanders Close – Education Payment

Cllr Roberts advised that as the Developer has ceased business CCC has written to residents asking for payment of the education contribution plus interest.

The Swan

Cllr Roberts advised that planning permission for the take-away service is still pending. SCDC has sent Mr Rahman a request for information regarding the extraction system and has 14 days to complete and return the form.

S/1548/06/F – Extensions, The Chequers Inn, High Street – Beaumont Pubs Limited

The amended application was noted.

The Chestnuts, Long Lane - Permission has been granted for this application.

The meeting closed at 7.50pm



Matters discussed at current meeting

4 Perks Close

Cllr Bates advised that he had been approached by three residents seeking the Parish Council’s view on this application.





Bell Tower

Remedial work on the tower has commenced and will be more extensive than anticipated. The contractor is awaiting wood to complete the work.

Chapel Electrics

Initial electrical work will commence on 21 June.

Cemetery Extension

Cllrs Bates and Kohler will meet Bidwells on 28th June to mark out boundary of additional land.








Cllrs Bates & Kohler





Cllr Kohler will look at the following trees:

  • Damaged tree which fell between the garden of 6 Savile Way and the churchyard.
  • Tree outside No. 1 Jackson’s Way. Cllr Kohler has spoken to Chris Wall.
  • Tree behind 4 Ryecroft Lane
  • Tree near numbers 8/9 Jackson’s Way.
  • Round Moat trees at the edge of the moat are overhanging the bungalows.

Decisions on these trees will be made at the 3rd July Finance meeting.

Further tree branches have fallen in the churchyard. The PCC will be made aware of their responsibility to maintain trees and not leave them to become a health and safety matter for the PC.


The area in Jackson’s Way maintained by Chris Wall has been complimented by a number of residents.

Cllr Hawkins advised that the path between Ryecroft Lane and Chapel Lane has not be trimmed. This should be part of Hardy Landscape’s contract.

Cllr Roberts will again speak to SCDC regarding the 106 Agreement on Cassanders Close.

Cllr Roberts advised that residents have been advised by CCC that the educational contribution of £15,000 on this development will now be their responsibility as the Developer has not paid.

Cllr Stone will investigate this matter.



Cllr Kohler





Finance Mtg














Cllr Stone


The meeting was opened to the public


Mr M Townend was concerned that the trees in Cambridge Road near the triangle were overgrown and causing a visibility problem for drivers turning out of Thriplow Road.

CCC Highways Department will be asked if this is a matter for them to rectify.


Cllr Stone


The meeting was closed to the public





The Parish Council accounts are at present with the internal auditor.



Cheques signed at the meeting

Mrs J Fletcher May salary £ 395.04

SCDC Election costs £ 72.98






Affordable Housing

Chartism Housing Association is looking at the possibility of developing the land near the Village Hall.

No decision will be taken until the Housing Survey results are received – these will be chased again.

Cllr Bates felt that the area opposite Chapel Lane should be reconsidered.

Cllr Roberts stated that Associations were looking for large developments and Fowlmere required only a small number of affordable houses.

Code of Conduct

This will be an agenda item for the July meeting.

The Clerk will distribute copies of all information.

The Swan

The matter of odours is ongoing among residents and the extractor is still to be sorted.

The Take-Away service is still being used and parking is continuing at the front of the building.

SCDC is pressing Mr Rahman to resolve all outstanding issues.

As issues regarding The Swan are affecting a large number of residents the meeting was reminded that it is vital that Councillors living in close proximity to the Swan declare an interest and take no part in discussions.

It was also pointed out that no comments could be made outside a Parish Council meeting on any agenda items until minutes had been ratified. If approached, a non-committal reply must be given on all issues.

























There have been great concerns about this company due to the recent fire. Cllr Roberts has spoken with SCDC who has raised the matter with the Fire Service and Health & Safety Executive.

H & S are visiting Welding Alloys to appraise the management of chemicals.

Cllr Stone advised that this incident had been reported to CCC and the Fire Service stated that the matter would be investigated as to why this had happened.

Cllr Stone will pass all information to the Clerk as it is received.







Cllr Stone




Cllr Flynn mentioned that an article in the Royston free paper on what villages had to offer had shown an old photograph of the Swan when the windows of this building were boarded: the impression given was of a run-down village.

The meeting agreed that a letter of complaint should be sent to the editor.

Mr Blackford of BC Group Trust had left 2008 diaries for the Councillors – a letter of thanks will be sent.

In her absence, Cllr Woods had submitted a list of outstanding matters and asked that the current situation be established:

  • Co-option – The process will commenced to co-opt two people.
  • Village Hall Registry – Cllr Bates advised that the Village Hall has not been registered.
  • Underground cables – Cllr Hawkins reported that this matter has been resolved and no further action by the PC is required.
  • Tree for Andrew Newby – Cllr Bates suggested this be discussed at the July meeting.
  • Village historian – Cllrs Bates and Hawkins will continue with this project.








Finance Tuesday, 3rd July 2007

PC Meeting Tuesday, 17th July 2007

PC Meeting Tuesday, 18th September 2007



The meeting closed at 9.15 pm



Clerk to the Parish Council: Julie Fletcher, 21 Ryecroft Lane, Fowlmere, SG8 7TT