ON TUESDAY, 20 March 2007 AT 7.30 PM

PRESENT: Cllr B Hawkins (Vice Chairman)

Cllr D Roberts

Cllr P Flynn

Cllr W Kohler

Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)


Four residents



APOLOGIES – Apologies were received from Cllr M Bates, Cllr D Woods, Cllr A Lucas



Due to external time constraints the meeting agreed to bring forward item ‘5’ County Council Affairs and then item ‘6’ Village Hall





The tunnel

We now have an answer to the Fowlmere tunnel question. It is indeed that if the highway existed before the tunnel then the tunnel's owner is responsible for its maintenance so that vehicles may pass over it.

If the road surface were to give way the County would immediately repair it. Then, in principle, it would seek to discover who the owner of the tunnel was and request payment. The tunnel is apparently listed but that in itself does not establish ownership.

Duxford Airfield Conservation Area

The District Council has produced an excellent draft policy to create a Conservation Area around the core of the Imperial War Museum. I bring this to your attention as Chairman of the Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee and have no wish to interfere directly in District Council matters.

Copies of the Draft have been sent only to those parishes directly surrounding the airfield. That leaves out Fowlmere and Ickleton. I have therefore "borrowed" a Whittlesford copy for your attention.

While the draft is well worth reading, the consultation period ends on 10th April, so it is essential to act quickly if you are to make a representation.

Both the Imperial War Museum and the owners of the private houses affected are happy with the draft as it stands but the IWM and local residents see that there is here an opportunity to extend the proposed Conservation Area to the east side of the M11. This would incorporate former airfield land and decrease the possibility of yet more planning applications for Motorway Service Areas and the like.

I shall be making my own representation and you may feel that Fowlmere Parish Council and individual Councillors would like to do the same.

Post Office closures

Consultation on the government's proposal to close 2500 Post Offices is now closed. I agree with your postmaster that there is little likelihood of Fowlmere being on the short list of offices to close. But in general the problem is that there are no clear criteria for closure and postmasters are to be offered unquantified sums of money to surrender their licences.

I have responded to the consultation by objecting to the principle of a post office every three miles because it runs contrary to the East of England Plan, which states that before any village is touched, its relationship to surrounding villages should be properly examined.

Planning Gain Supplement

The government is proposing a system to replace Section 106 Agreements. It is called Planning Gain Supplement and would be a statutory mechanism to calculate the amount of inherent profit made on a piece of land by virtue of getting planning permission.

While the mechanism would help areas where good use is not being made of Section 106 Agreements, it would be a disaster for Cambridgeshire and South Cambridgeshire, both of which have enviable records for extracting the maximum from developers.

The worst aspect of the proposal is that 30% of the amount raised would be creamed off for the government to distribute as it sees fit. With the massive developments already on our local plate, the damage would be immense.

This is really old news because consultation ended in February. But watch this space.

Highway matters

The County is in a bit of a pickle about small highway schemes. The budget for discretionary schemes has been scrapped. In addition the budget for jointly funded minor highway improvements is no longer in existence because the District Council is in no financial state to fund its part. The County is not sure whether to allow villages to step in to replace the District. The argument is that to do so would favour larger villages with larger budgets. On the other hand if villages really wanted to spend money on improvements then their parish councils could judge if an additional financial burden would be acceptable.

So far Thriplow has told me that they would at least like the option to part fund and Hinxton says no.


Matters arising from County Council Report

Highway Matters – the meeting felt that the question of whether the precept should be used to fund highway works should be discussed at the Finance meeting to be held on 3 April.

Cllr Hawkins stated that residents affected by the tunnel question should be advised of the CCC decision.

Cllr Roberts mentioned that as Fowlmere is a route from the A505 to the A10 there is a huge increase in heavy transportation. As highway works are now a problem for CCC Highways Department consideration should be given to weight restrictions for the village.

Cllr Stone suggested that the PC write to CCC with a copy to him.



Finance Mtg











Mr P Lake outlined the current situation regarding the Village Hall refurbishment.

The first stage of a Big Lottery application is due at the end of April. This will be an outline budget. Depending upon the response from the Big Lottery the next stage will need to be submitted by September 2007.

Should the application be successful it is considered that work will commence in 2009.

The application requires an undertaking by the PC that the freehold of the site will remain as it is at present and that the land will not be used for any other purpose.

Cllr Roberts asked how much the Village Hall would be asking the PC to contribute.

Initially, support in principle is all that is required. Of urgency is an application to SCDC for disabled toilets.

The VH committee feel their target is to raise £16,000.

Cllr Roberts suggested that a member of the VH committee should attend the Finance Meeting on 3rd April – Mr P Lake will attend.

Cllr Hawkins thanked the Village Hall Committee for attending.



MINUTES OF MEETING OF 20 February 2006 - The minutes were agreed and signed as a true record.



DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - There were no declarations of interest.





The Swan

  • Cllr Roberts advised that Mr Rahman is working closely with SCDC Conservation Officers.
  • One outside wall is giving concern and Greene King will be informed about this.
  • Mr Rahman is discussing signage with SCDC.
  • Environmental Health has been asked to become involved regarding the kitchen
  • CCC Highways Department has no objections to the application on highway grounds.
  • SCDC expect hours of opening to be in line with those of the public house.
  • Due to the number of objections submitted, the matter will go to Committee.
  • Cllr Roberts will ask SCDC Planning Committee to visit site.

Meeting was opened to the public.

Mr. Sheldrick stated he did not understand the decision of CCC Highways and had wondered if there was any way to appeal.

Meeting was closed to the public.

Cassanders Close

Mr Pettit of the Cassander Close residents committee had met with SCDC’s Legal Officer.

Catriona Dunnett, Legal Office of SCDC will contact relevant departments in SCDC.


Cllr Roberts has burnt rubbish at the cemetery and stated that despite a notice next to the incinerator people are still throwing away plastic and wire which has now formed a solid mass at the bottom.






Cllr Woods sent a report that Chris Wall has been requested to remove the tree at the corner of Ryecroft Lane.








PRESENT: Cllr D Roberts (Chairman, Planning Committee), Cllr P Flynn, Cllr M Bates, Cllr D Woods, Cllr P Mullock, Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)

IN ATTENDANCE: 14 residents were in attendance

APOLOGIES: Apologies received from Cllrs A Lucas and W Kohler

1. Declaration of interest (if any)

Before discussion Cllr Roberts declared that if an application is later placed before South Cambridgeshire District Council she will approach any new information afresh.

2. S/0254/07/F – Extensions, Briarwood, High Street – Mr & Mrs M Black

The meeting recommended approval of this application as the proposed extension harmonizes with the existing building and will have no impact on neighbouring properties.

3. S/0250/07/F – Extension, 18 Rayners Close – Mr & Mrs Bellamy

The meeting recommended approval of this application as the proposed extension is small and will have no impact on neighbours.

4. The Swan

Cllr Roberts explained to residents present that there was no planning application to discuss at the current meeting and that the Parish Council comments had been submitted after the 13 February planning meeting.

Cllr Roberts explained that approval was already in place for a restaurant and the new application was for change of use to incorporate a Take-Away area.

The Parish Council had expressed concern regarding the lack of adequate extraction facilities, lack of adequate parking and also the possibility that customers of the Swan would park on a very dangerous corner at the front of the building. Also of concern was the fact that proposed opening times included departure time for school children.

The application is now being judged by SCDC who also have concerns regarding parking.

Cllr Roberts believes the leaflet residents had received was a result of Mr Rahman (the applicant) visiting the main PC meeting when he expressed his intention to become part of the village. He had been informed that the PC could not discuss the application as this was currently under consideration.

Cllr Bates mentioned that the leaflet was distributed to residents with incorrect information; Mr Rahman was asking for permission to give a presentation to a main PC meeting.

Cllr Roberts advised that this would not be appropriate as the PC and District Council could not discuss an application with an applicant.

The meeting was opened to the public

Q. What will happen to the building if it is not taken over by the Indian restaurant?

A. Mr Rahman is leasing the building. Prior to this application the PC had already requested the building be placed on the "At Risk" register. If the building is placed at risk the Conservation Officer would insist that Greene King carry out all necessary repairs to maintain the building.

Q. Would Mr Rahman continue with the restaurant if the change of use application is refused?

A. The PC has no information on this.

Q. Did any Councillors declare a personal interest in the application?

A. Yes. Two Councillors declared an interest, left the room and took no part in the discussion.

With no more questions the meeting was closed to the public and residents left.


To date, the Village Hall Committee has not submitted detailed budget information to the Parish Council to back up their request for support, therefore no financial provision has been made for this project in the precept which had to be submitted in February 2007.

As Trustees the PC is obligated to support the village hall and upon timely submission of detailed information provision can be made in the 2008 precept.

Cllr Roberts mentioned that SCDC is still providing funding but this is very limited.

Peter Lake will be requested to provide detailed information when presenting to the next main PC meeting on 20 March.


Housing Needs Survey

SCDC has advised that a survey can be carried out on behalf of the PC at a charge of £72.50 based on 500 households, postage would be charged at an additional cost of £115.

The meeting agreed that SCDC be requested to handle the complete project on behalf of Fowlmere.

Permission Approvals

S/1548/06/F – The Chequers Inn. Permission has been granted

S/2377/06/F – 3 New Farm Close. Permission has been granted

Application Clarification

SCDC has advised that the distance between the fence and the proposed extension at The Chequers Inn (S/1547/06/LB) will be 100 cm.

The meeting closed at 8.15 pm





PRESENT: Cllr D Roberts (Chairman, Planning Committee), Cllr W Kohler, Cllr B Hawkins, Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)

IN ATTENDANCE: 1 resident in attendance

APOLOGIES: Apologies received from Cllrs D Woods, M Bates and A Lucas


1. Declaration of interest (if any)

Before discussion Cllr Roberts declared that if an application is later placed before South Cambridgeshire District Council she will approach any new information afresh.

2. S/0318/07/F – Single storey side extension – Krisanda, 10 Rectory Lane – Mr R Williams

The meeting recommended approval of this application as the proposed extension will blend with existing and will not affect neighbouring properties.

3. Amendment to S/1547/06/LB – Removal of four stores and replacement by five staff bedrooms – the Chequers Inn, High Street – Beaumont Pubs Limited

The amendment was noted.

4. Housing Needs Survey

Advice received from SCDC that questionnaires will be sent out next week with a return date of 9 April.


Appeal against enforcement notice by Mr P Rogers – Land at Lanacre, Chrishall Road

Advice received from SCDC – contents of the letter were noted.


Cllr Roberts had been advised by SCDC that Ashwell Developments has proposed a plan for 16 dwellings on the site of the Triangle.

Cllr Roberts had advised SCDC that the Parish Council was conducting a Housing Needs Survey and that no plans will be considered until the results of the survey are known.

The Swan

CCC Highways Department has no objection to the Take-Away application therefore SCDC has no grounds for refusal on the planning aspect.

The application will go to Committee as a result of the large response from neighbours and PC comments.

Cllr Hawkins felt that the opinion of the Parish Council has been disregarded when the Councillors are the people in the right position to know the situation in the village.

Cllr Roberts reiterated that the PC is only asked for an opinion.

The meeting was opened to the public

Mr Sheldrick commented that despite all the protests, the village will have something they do not want and do not need.

Cllr Roberts added that she will ask SCDC to make a site visit.

Mr Sheldrick wondered if CCC Highways Department had visited the site during rush hour traffic times.

Cllr Kohler asked if SCDC had knowledge of the traffic problems considering the numerous blind spots in the vicinity.

The meeting closed at 7.30 pm



Matters discussed at current meeting

Low Cost Housing

Cllr Hawkins felt that this subject was not progressing and that the corner of Manor Farm and High Street should be reconsidered.

Cllr Roberts felt that the findings of the Housing Needs Survey should be considered before anything further is discussed.







Register of Burials Book

The meeting agreed the Clerk could purchase a new book with 100 openings at a cost of £162.00.





Nomination forms have been distributed. Councillors were advised to contact the Clerk for individual elector numbers.





FINANCE – There was no report.



Cheques signed at the meeting

Mrs J Fletcher February salary £ 395.04

St. Mary’s church Room Hire £ 168.00

URC Church Room Hire £ 165.00

Cambs. County Council Contribution to Butts grass cutting £ 400.00

Gardencare Tree removal Ryecroft Lane £ 25.00

Direct Debits

McAfee Virus protection £ 39.99

Data Protection Register renewal £ 35.00

Cheques Received

Neville Funeral Service Grave purchase/interment £ 380.00



ROUND MOAT – There was no report



CORRESPONDENCE – There was no correspondence to discuss





Cllr Hawkins will speak to Mr Sheldrick regarding the possibility of underground cables across the gap left by the removal of the Japanese Knotweed.


Cllr Hawkins



Finance Tuesday, 3rd April 2007

Parish Council Tuesday, 17th April 2007

Annual Parish Meeting Tuesday, 8th May 2007

PC Annual Meeting Tuesday, 15th May 2007



The meeting closed at 9.05 pm



Clerk to the Parish Council: Julie Fletcher, 21 Ryecroft Lane, Fowlmere, SG8 7TT