ON TUESDAY, 16 January 2007 AT 7.30 PM

PRESENT: Cllr B Hawkins (Vice Chairman)

Cllr D Woods

Cllr D Roberts

Cllr P Flynn

Cllr A Lucas (from 7.50 pm)

Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)

IN ATTENDANCE: Two residents



APOLOGIES – Apologies were received from Cllr M Bates, Cllr W Kohler and Cllr T Stone.



MINUTES OF MEETING OF 19 December 2006


The minutes were agreed and signed as a true record.




Cllr Flynn declared a personal and prejudicial interest in the items relating to The Swan and Tunnel under the High Street.





Bus Shelter Bin

Cllr Roberts will check with SCDC that the emptying of this bin is included in their schedule.

Village Historian

The draft funding application will be completed in the Spring.

Drains in Westfield Road

CCC advised they will contact the electricity company.


Clarification is still awaited from SCDC Planning Department.

Pro-forma housing survey

A letter will be sent to SCDC requesting they carry out a housing needs survey for Fowlmere.

The Swan

Having declared a personal interest in this item Cllr Flynn took no part in the discussion.

A letter has been sent to Greene King plc to ascertain if the building has been sold.

Tunnel under High Street

Having declared a personal interest in this item Cllr Flynn took no part in the discussion.

Letters have been sent to Mr M Sheldrick, Mrs P Flynn and Mrs C de Wolfe.

Cllr Hawkins advised that Mr Sheldrick has contacted his solicitors and been advised that his responsibility ends 1 metre from his door.

As Mrs de Wolfe has been alarmed by this matter Cllr Hawkins will make a personal visit to reassure her that the information is for advice only.

Mill Road

Letter has been sent to Cllr Stone and a reply is awaited.

Websites in the Village

Cllr Mullock has been advised of known village websites.


Cllr Roberts


Cllr Bates/ Cllr Hawkins


















Cllr Hawkins















Cllr Stone had forwarded his report and Cllr Hawkins read this to the meeting.

Reward for the county's transport planning

The County Council's relative poverty encourages it to supplement its meagre government income by applying for all reward money available. It also encourages constant service improvement. The County has gained another for transport planning and delivery, thanks to an "excellent" rating given by the Government.

Government rated the final version of the second Cambridgeshire Local Transport Plan, which covers the period 2006-2011 as ‘excellent’. The Government also assessed Cambridgeshire’s record in delivering the County’s first Local Transport Plan, covering 2001-2006 as ‘excellent’.

This combined success means that Government will be giving Cambridgeshire an additional £6.205 million for integrated transport improvements over the next 4 years – this means an increase of around 25 per cent over what the Council was due to get from Government. That is just as well because part of this anticipated money is already being used to fund free bus transport for the over-60s.

The 31 bus

Despite my best efforts I have been unable to persuade the powers that be to proceed to an immediate change in the timetable to gain quicker travel times into and out of Cambridge.

The route is currently out for tender using the amended timetable and the new timing will therefore come into effect at the beginning of April. Officers say that they have far too much on their plate with the tendering process for them to be able to devote enough time to the statutory regulations which would allow an immediate change. Sorry but I shall keep up the pressure.

Addenbrooke's access road

The Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and Local Government has now endorsed the County's plans, which we approved in November, to construct a new £18 million road to Addenbrooke’s Hospital. The plans needed his approval because part of the road is top be built within the Green Belt.

The new road goes from almost opposite the Trumpington Road Park & Ride, crosses the Shelford Road and then over the railway line towards Addenbrooke’s Hospital It will enable the hospital to expand and will unlock land for housing developments in the area around Clay Farm and Glebe Farm.

There is a vast amount of detail available on the County Council's website: www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/accessroad

The Swan Tunnel

Mike Cooper is continuing his researches about the tunnel. It seems that if the highway was there before the tunnel, then it's the tunnel owner's responsibility to look after the tunnel to ensure it can support the traffic going over it. It is classified as a "device" under the Highways Act. If the tunnel came before the highway (which sounds fairly unlikely) then it is the responsibility of the authority; namely the County Council.

I have asked for someone to look at case law in coal mining areas because I can't believe that this is entirely new ground.


I continue my awkward relationship with the police. Having been told by a Chief Superintendent that we weren't supposed to know the names of the officers allocated to our villages, we now have confirmation from Paul Ormerod, our Sector Commander as follows:

"We realise however, that local residents and councillors like to know who their first point of contact should be in relation to community issues - rather than be faced with a long list of names and numbers to choose from."

So now I can release the fact that our Community Beat Manager is PC Lee Scott, with PCSO Rebecca Follenfant as his assistant. Lee Scott can be contacted on 07740 734977 or e-mail Lee.scott@cambs.pnn.police.uk and Becca on 07711 036500 or e-mail Becca. Follenfant@cambs.pnn.police.uk

You should be getting this information direct from Eric Spoelstra but some parish councils are not. I should be interested to know if Fowlmere is.

The police are keen to point out that these phones and e-mails have no backup, so if an officer is on holiday or on a course there could be a long delay before a response. The also point out that, if invited, although officers may attend Parish Council meetings but cannot do so regularly.

East of England Plan

The Secretary of State has now published his draft revision of the East of England Plan. You should have received notification and possibly a CD. If not you can find details at www.goeast.gov.uk

We have up until 9th March to respond and I have to admit that I haven't read the document in full yet. But one key element is that the prescription for allowing a maximum number of houses to be built in each area during the plan period - taking us up to 2021 - has now been lifted. In other words it seems to have become open season and the maxima have now become minima. You may wish to comment both as a parish council and as individuals.





A thank you letter had been sent to Mr Ivan Shaw.

Royal British Legion Bench

Cllr Woods had been advised that a sorbus tree is no more poisonous than other shrubs. Cllr Woods will advise RBL that the tree can be planted.

Village Tree Work

Work at the cemetery is almost complete.





Cllr Woods




There had been no planning meetings during the month.





There was nothing to report.





Minutes of the meeting of Fowlmere Parish Council - Finance and General Purposes Committee

held at the Dorothy Pluck Room, St Mary’s Church, Fowlmere, Tuesday 9 January 2007 at 7-30pm.

Present: Cllr D Woods (Chairman Finance), Cllr D Roberts, Cllr P Flynn, Cllr W Kohler

Apologies for Absence: Cllr Michael Bates, Mrs J Fletcher (Clerk)

1. Minutes of the previous meeting
Had already been ratified at the October Parish Council meeting

2. Matters arising

There were no matters arising that had not been covered at previous Parish Council meetings.

3. Precept and Review of Income and Expenditure

Cllr Woods presented a spreadsheet of Budget/Cashflow for the current year for review. The meeting reviewed the figures noting that bills for some expenditure were not yet received (CCTV, up to date Seniorlink, Hire of Halls), thus showing an underspend of around £2,000.

The meeting then reviewed proposals for expenditure and maintenance costs for 2007/2008 prepared by Councillor Woods.

After taking into account necessary inflation costs, reviewing grass cutting contract, including provision for the 2007 election, large increase in cost of hall rental, ongoing street lighting costs, and wherever possible reducing costs, the proposal for the Precept was for a 12% increase.

After carefully reviewing and considering the projected Precept, it was moved by Councillor Hawkins and seconded by Councillor Roberts that the above proposals be recommended to the Parish Council. This was a unanimous vote by all councillors present.

4. Future Projects

Cllr Woods had prepared a spreadsheet of projects committed for the forthcoming year by the Council. This will be reviewed at the Parish Council meeting and any additions/deletions discussed.

Work at Cemetery including electricity and hedges, decoration A quote is still awaited for repair to the tower on the chapel Cost of Purchase of Land

Round Moat – it was felt that £4,000 including £2000 carried over from last year was on the high side)

Fire Shed – Cllr Hawkins will pass the names of other builders on to Cllr Woods to get competitive quotes for this work.

5. Trees and Grass

Provision had been made in the Precept.

The large increase in the Precept for grass was due to the increase in cutting costs at the URC Chapel including the cutting of hedges there twice per year. Councillors felt that in order to keep the village looking nice and very well cared for we should not reduce the number of cuts per year.

Care for Trees was currently pollarding the avenue of trees at the cemetery chapel. Work was due to commence on Jackson’s Way and the large Beech tree at Ison’s Close.

Cllr Hawkins reported that a resident at the end of Jackson’s Way had asked that the tree near her house be cut back. Cllr Hawkins will contact the resident and advise that this matter will be dealt with in Spring once the tree has leaves on it and the Tree Officer will be better able to evaluate the situation.

6. Other Matters

Cllr Hawkins thanked the Council on behalf of his mother for providing the Seniorlink.

No requests had been received from the Village Hall Management Committee.

7. Date of Next Meeting - To be confirmed

The meeting closed at 8.05 p.m.




















































Cllr Hawkins/ Cllr Woods




Cllr Lucas requested clarification on certain items in the precept.

A letter will be sent to St. Mary’s church and the URC requesting 2006 room hire invoices.

A quotation for work to the bell tower at the cemetery chapel had been received from WJ Mead. They advised that the tower cannot be repaired and needs rebuilding at a cost of £5,500 - £6,000.

Cllr Roberts will investigate a funding grant via SCDC.

The meeting unanimously ratified all proposals contained in these minutes plus the proposed precept of £24,030.00.








Cllr Roberts


Cheques signed at the meeting

Mrs J Fletcher December salary £ 395.04





Cllr Lucas advised that the pre-funding application has been submitted and that he has a meeting with Heritage Lottery on 14th February.

The meeting with Care for Trees will be rescheduled.

A letter advising of forthcoming tree work will be sent to residents within the perimeter area mid-February.


Cllr Lucas

Cllr Lucas

Cllr Lucas





Code of Conduct – Cllr Hawkins is willing to attend this training – Clerk will pass details to him.

Fowlmere Friendship Club – thank you for Christmas dinner donation received.

Affordable Housing – letter from Andrew Lansley to Minister for Housing and Planning requesting permission for SCDC to use the £10 million being lost from Housing Revenue Account and Housing Capital Receipts to fund an additional 100 homes for rent on exception sites in the area.

Cllr Roberts commented that the under the housing portfolio income can only be used to maintain housing properties and that half of every tenant’s rent is sent to the Government.

St. Mary’s church – The PCC has generously suggested a charge to the PC of £10 per meeting. It was agreed that this amount was acceptable.





War Graves Commission – A request will be sent asking that the inscription on Private Payne’s memorial stone be inspected as this is now suffering from erosion.

Lorry in Chapel Lane – Cllr Kohler has sent a note advising that the vehicle parked in Chapel Lane belongs to a gentleman living at Appleacre Caravan Park. The lorry has been moved and is now being parked outside the school.







Parish Council Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Parish Council Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Finance Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Parish Council Tuesday, 17 April 2007



The meeting closed at 8.55 pm



Clerk to the Parish Council: Julie Fletcher, 21 Ryecroft Lane, Fowlmere, SG8 7TT